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by Damien

Puzzle Palace is a community platform which all will benefit from. From helping with your studies, your next command course, or shaping the direction of the UKs Commando Forces, Puzzle Palace will provide content relevant across the spectrum. But it won’t run itself and as with all good things, it needs beer tokens to keep it well oiled and running smoothly. Just £0.25p (the price of a freddo not that long ago) from every serving Commando will enable Puzzle Palace to run smoothly and share content relevant to you for a year. If you can share a few diddlers, here’s how it will be spent:

1) Servers to allow the website to run smoothly with high levels of traffic.
2) Generating content from the most informed and insightful sources.
3) Gizzets to encourage contributions from the community.
4) Infrastructure to enable editing and management of the platform.
5) Branding and merchandise.


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Donation Total: £10.00

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